Would You Hire Someone With a Criminal Record?

If a qualified individual applied for a job with your organization, but you discover that the person has a criminal record, would you consider hiring that person? With more than one in three adults having a conviction, it is something that you may want to consider. A “Fair Chance Hiring” initiative is becoming more popular.

Why Bother With Performance Evaluations?

In order to be helpful, evaluations must be structured effectively or they may be perceived as a waste of time. Even though the process can take a lot of time and be unpopular, the basis for all evaluations should be well articulated measurable goals. Use this as an opportunity to coach your staff. That’s the subject of this LEADERSHIP PLUS.

Remotely On-boarding Your New Employee

With more and more of your team members working from home these days, you may be faced with having to welcome new employees via teleconference. Onboarding new employees who work remotely present some challenges, but it’s not impossible to get them up to speed quickly.

Keeping Millennials Happy Working For Your Organization

What percentage of your workers were born between 1980 and 1995?  By 2025, Millennials will represent 75% of the working population.   How are you planning to keep them engaged and with your organization?  Or, are you resigned to the fact that they will move on if they can find a job that pays more thanContinue reading “Keeping Millennials Happy Working For Your Organization”