Assessing Your Work From Home Performance

While some businesses are planning to bring their workers back into their offices soon, others have announced that employees may stay home and continue to work remotely. 

The work from home phenomena was new and unique when it became standard operating procedure early this year.  And it was supposed to be temporary. 

With it becoming more permanent, the luster is wearing off of what seemed like a very appealing idea.  Among other things, many employees are wondering how their performance will be judged when their bosses only see them for an hour or so via teleconference?

If you are concerned about how you are going to be judged, you might want to ask your boss if he or she will assess your performance any differently.  If nothing else, it makes the person know that you are thinking about the subject and interested in putting forth your best effort.

If some of your goals have slipped because they require the kind of group collaboration that is much more difficult these days, how will that issue be addressed?

No matter what you are told, my best advice is straightforward:  Get your work done. Don’t use your remote location as an excuse for delays. 

If you think that your boss does not recognize what you are doing, consider keeping a log of what you’ve worked on and accomplished. 

Don’t be shy about your accomplishments. Even though you may feel uncomfortable bragging, don’t be afraid to bring them up during discussions with your boss or during team meetings. 

Once your work is done, find out if there is anything else you can do to help your boss, or the organization. Your supervisor is likely facing work pressures of her own. Your “can-do” attitude will be appreciated. 

Maintain a positive attitude. Your colleagues may be complaining about the challenges they face. Don’t join in. Resist complaining about the impact of the Coronavirus or a work situation. Negativity will impact your attitude. Avoid it. 

The ‘work at home’ phenomenon is new for many organizations and managers.  Assessing the performance of those who work remotely is a work in progress.  It won’t be perfect in its early days.  As long as you demonstrate that you are still a hard worker and a trusted member of the team, you should always be valued by your superiors.

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