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How Safe Are Your Reporters?

We see reports of reporters being shouted at and attacked. Should we be thinking about the safety of our journalists? One University has embarked on a training program.

Tips For Managing A Staff That Works Remotely

The phenomena of remote workers are neither new or unusual. An emergency like Covid 19 is an excellent opportunity to see how it might work for your organization on a more permanent basis.

Leadership In Times Of A Pandemic

The chances are good that you and your team have developed the basic plans for how your organization moves forward should cases be diagnosed in your community or even in your workplace. Now it is time for you to show your leadership.

Too Sick To Work?

Is your organization planning for the spread of the Coronavirus? Do you have a policy or practice that states when an employee is too sick to come to work?

Fundraising Tips For Managers

“There is an old adage that people give money to people they like. Yes, they want to support the good work of an organization, but if they are not comfortable with the leaders and the vision of the group, they are less likely to make a major gift.”

There’s Nothing Mickey Mouse About Leadership

“…a delicate balance is required between management being responsible for the financial performance of any creative work and, in exercising that responsibility, being careful not to encroach on the creative processes in harmful and counterproductive ways.”

Your First Day On The Job

Where do you start? Your first day on the job will be hectic. How do you begin setting a good impression. Here are some ideas.

Tips For Being On Time

I’m meticulous about not missing meetings. Someone once told me that ‘your calendar is a proxy for your priorities.’ If I commit to meeting you, I will be there.

Even Tiger Woods Had A Coach

Since I launched this new venture, I’ve had several conversations with individuals who want to be better managers, but other than learning from their own mistakes, they are unclear about where or how to start.

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