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Dave’s Leadership Library

It is a well known fact that ‘leaders are readers.” Periodically, I like to share some books you might consider reading if you are interested in improving your leadership skills. Mind Over Clutter – Nicola Lewis Does a messy desk always mean a messy mind?  If you find that you are not as organized asContinue reading “Dave’s Leadership Library”

Comparing Two Job Offers

During a job hunt, you might be happy to get one offer. But what happens when you get two offers at the same time. Here are some tips on how you can evaluate them so you end up in the job that is right for you.

Why Bother With Performance Evaluations?

In order to be helpful, evaluations must be structured effectively or they may be perceived as a waste of time. Even though the process can take a lot of time and be unpopular, the basis for all evaluations should be well articulated measurable goals. Use this as an opportunity to coach your staff. That’s the subject of this LEADERSHIP PLUS.

Return to Work, or Work From Home?

Since the onset of the Coronavirus, your staff has been working from home. What happens after everyone has been vaccinated? What if your staff still wants to work from home? Here are some things to consider.

4 Tips For Communicating Your Vision

Even though you might have a vision for your organization or department, it is not always easy to convey it to others. We can learn how from observing Presidents Kennedy, Eisenhower and others.

Are You Serious About Diversity?

A lot of organizations are expressing the need to improve their staff diversity. But progress continues to be slow. Your approach to diversity will benefit you in many ways.

Bosses Must Apologize

Admitting your error and saying sorry is the right thing to do whether you are the boss or not. But if you are the boss, it is even more important as it demonstrates humility and your moral values.

Getting Things Done During Covid-19

Do you find it hard to focus while working from home during Covid-19. Is work blending into your home life? Productivity expert David Allen shares his thoughts with Dave Edwards.

The Power of Digital Note Taking

Digital note-taking has improved my productivity and information accessibility. If taking notes is not second nature to you, or if you can’t find the notes you make, consider developing system like the one that has worked for me.

Keeping Millennials Happy In The Workplace

By 2025, Millennials will represent 75% of the working population. How are you planning to keep them engaged and with your organization? Or, are you resigned to the fact that they will move on if they can find a job that pays more than you can afford? That’s the subject of today’s LEADERSHIP PLUS.

Waiting For Others To Do Their Jobs

I’ve developed a system to keep track of tasks that I’ve assigned to others so that deadlines are kept. It’s also a good way of keeping tabs on promises that people make to me.

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