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Keeping Millennials Happy In The Workplace

By 2025, Millennials will represent 75% of the working population. How are you planning to keep them engaged and with your organization? Or, are you resigned to the fact that they will move on if they can find a job that pays more than you can afford? That’s the subject of today’s LEADERSHIP PLUS.

Waiting For Others To Do Their Jobs

I’ve developed a system to keep track of tasks that I’ve assigned to others so that deadlines are kept. It’s also a good way of keeping tabs on promises that people make to me.

Turn the Job You Have Into the Job You Want

A job can be like a relationship. If you don’t put in the work, it can grow stale. If you job no longer excites you and you are tempted to move on, think through some of these ideas.

Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Find A New Job?

Have you made a resolution to find a new job? Perhaps you are no longer satisfied with your current job, but are wondering if this is the time to launch a search for new employment? Before you take the next step, there are some questions you can ask yourself about whether this is the right time.

Ten Tips For Keeping Your Best Employees

A Gallup poll that showed the main reason why people leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated.
And yet, many managers spend a lot of time trying to improve a slacking employee while ignoring the top flight worker.

A New Year’s Message from Dave Edwards

Even though 2020 was not the kind of year any of us had expected, I am truly honored by the number of people who I have gotten to work with and coach. I am grateful for the wonderful comments I have received on my blog, book, online course, and videos.

Things You Say At Work Can Get You In Trouble

Today on LEADERSHIP PLUS, you may think something you say is funny, but the person on the receiving end may not. We explore how what you say at work, can get you in trouble and sideline your career.

Earning Respect As A Manager

Everyone wants to be respected, but you have to earn it. You can’t go to the store and buy a bucket of respect.

Should Nonprofits Have Cash Reserves?

Today on Leadership Plus, while some struggle with the concept of cash reserves, nonprofit leadership always appreciates forward thinking during a time of crisis. You especially appreciate a strategy like this when you face a recession or even a pandemic and fundraising declines.

Show Leadership Through Words and Actions

On this edition of LEADERSHIP PLUS, being an effective leader is not about writing memos, it is about showing your leadership through what you say and what you do. Consider the behaviors you want to exhibit to your team.

Dave’s Leadership Library

Here are 5 books on leadership that you might want to add to your library, or give as gifts, during this holiday season.

Managing All The Inputs That Distract Us

Today on LEADERSHIP PLUS, it seems like we all have too many things coming at us at once: emails, Slack, texts, and teleconferences. Here are some tips for getting it all under control.

What Is Your Leadership Style?

Is your leadership style similar to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Both were very effective. A study shows lists the traits of exceptional leaders.

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