Getting Stuff Into Evernote

While Evernote is most commonly used to store documents and track projects, it can be very helpful at storing everything from PDFs, emails to audio files. On this edition of Evernote Tips and Tricks, we look at inputting data into Evernote.

Mac Moments: Starting A New App

While most Mac users know they can open an app from the home screen doc, there are seven other ways to start a program even if it doesn’t appear in the dock.

Writing “Meaningful” Performance Goals

Does your organization have a process in place to assess the performance of your employees, or do managers just rank staff based on their personal feeling and observations? While the performance evaluation process often gets a bad reputation, it can be very helpful if done correctly.

Using GTD To Manage Big Projects

One of the major thrusts of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” productivity system is that you need to write everything down and track all of the next actions. In the last couple of years, Allen moved from California to the Netherlands and renovated an apartment. He tells Dave Edwards how he approaches a big project like that.

Mac Moments: Using Your Dock

It sits on the bottom edge of your Mac screen and it is key how you get things done. Its the dock and it is key to accessing everything from apps to folders. On this Mac Moments, we share things about the dock that you may not know.

What Are Your Employees Worried About?

As employees have had to adapt to new working conditions and deal with Covid and other issues, it is only natural that some of them have concerns over the future of their job. Here is how effective managers can work with workers who have these concerns.

Hire and Retain Your Best Employees

Nearly half of American workers are looking for a new job. Losing good employees can cost a company a lot. So, a focus on retention and finding the right candidate is essential. Here are some suggestions for employers to consider.

Scanning Notes or Documents Into Evernote

Have you ever lost notes you’ve taken during a meeting? Are you keeping daily journals that eventually sit in the bottom of a drawer? You can bring them alive in Evernote even if they are handwritten.

Mac Moments: Storing Photos In The Cloud

If you love to take photos, it’s a good idea to store them in the cloud. On this “Mac Moment” we share how to use the iCloud to backup and store your photos and movies.

The Problem With Email: Carefully Crafting Your Message

Now that so many more people are working remotely, there is a greater reliance on email so there is the likelihood of even more confusion. Sometimes the writer’s intent comes off wrong if words are not chosen carefully. Here are some tips for carefully crafting your emails.

Productivity On The Go: Paper vs Digital

Computers have made it easy for some people to try and go paperless rather than keep a lot of paper documents on hand. This is especially a challenge for those who have to travel on business. But David Allen, the author of “Getting Things Done” finds that a paper-based system is more efficient.

Staying Productive While Traveling

Airplanes are full as more and more people travel again for business and pleasure. That means it is time to refresh our productivity systems so that we are just as efficient on the road as we are in the office. David Allen, author of “Getting Things Done” explains his system to Dave Edwards

How To Name Your Computer Files

We store a lot of files on our computer’s hard drive, but when it is time to find something again, the process is made more difficult if you don’t have a strong and consistent naming system for your files. Here is how to overcome that problem.

Seeking Perfection Hurts Productivity

A person who is a perfectionist works to do everything without making a mistake. They may see it as a pathway to productivity, but it rarely is. It usually interferes with doing their best work and causes frustration. Here are some ways to reduce feelings of perfectionism.

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