Covid Questions You May Be Asked In A Job Interview

Covid has changed a lot of things in the workplace. Among them, are some of the questions you may be asked during job interviews. Here’s a look at some of those questions and the answers that hiring managers are waiting to hear.

The Truth About The GTD Weekly Review

One of the core elements of the GTD – Getting things Done productivity system is the weekly review. But some people get frustrated when they don’t do them every week. David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, discusses how and when we should do these reviews.

Sorting Notes In Evernote

As you add hundreds of notes to your Evernote app, you may be looking for ways to organize and sort them.

When Your “Someday Maybe” Lists Get Too Long

The Getting Things Done methodology teaches us to put ideas on lists so we won’t forget them. One of those lists is a ‘someday maybe’ list which can contain things that you may want to do in the future but for which there is no urgency. But what happens when those lists get too long?…

Suggestions for Organizing Your Stuff

David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done” methodology suggests that organizing your files, notes and action items is just as important as actually doing them. Let’s look at practical ways of organizing.

Leadership Library: Focus

How can we keep our focus on what is really important?. That’s what Daniel Goleman, a New York Times science writer, writes about in his book, “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence “ How can we keep our focus on what is really important?. That’s what Daniel Goleman, a New York Times science writer, writes…

How To Structure Your Day For Increased Productivity

If you want to get more productive, you will want to examine how you structure your day. Otherwise, you will drift from event to event and project to project without having a plan that allows you to not only get more done but have focus. When you have a plan, you make sure that you…

Spell Checking In Evernote

Have you tuned on the spell-checking feature in Evernote? Some people aren’t even aware that it is there.

Critiques and Criticism: Never Easy-But Necessary

Supervising the work of others will eventually result in having to critique and offer constructive criticism. It can be uncomfortable for everyone involved. But there is a way you can do it that should make it easier. Learn how to manage even the most difficult employees HERE

GTD: Managing Your Lists

David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done” offers a number of lists you should be keeping in order to stay organized. But what about those things in your life that don’t fit neatly into one of those categories?

Tips for Managing Multiple Projects

While multitasking doesn’t work, we all face managing multiple projects at the same time. Here’s some advice on how to approach that challenge.

How To Get Help From Evernote

While Evernote is the productivity app of choice for users around the world, it can sometimes cause problems or just not work the way it should. That’s when you look for help

Never Lose Track of Notes And Tasks Again

Taking notes when you are in a meeting or have a good idea is important. But you want to be able to find them again when you need them. Here’s how you can process your notes so you won’t lose track of their most important items.

Prioritizing Your Work

When you are faced with a lot of tasks to do, how do you decide what to do next? David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, offers an answer.

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