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The Public Media Manager’s Handbook is ideal for someone who would like to manage a public media station, is new to the job, or a veteran who feels overwhelmed. It is also written for the individual who would like to move into a departmental manager role.

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Assessing Your Work From Home Performance

The ‘work at home’ phenomenon is new for many organizations and managers. Assessing the performance of those who work remotely is a work in progress. It won’t be perfect in its early days.

Managing Your Email So It Doesn’t Manage You

“One of the greatest consumers of your time is processing your email. A research report showed that email is the second-most time-consuming activity next to ‘role-specific tasks.”

Performance Reviews During The Pandemic

In the early days of COVID 19, many human resource managers advised that evaluations be postponed. They assumed that business would get back to normal in six months. That didn’t happen. If organizations continue to delay evaluations, it is a sure sign that the exercise is unnecessary.

Evaluating Your Skills As A Communicator

Leaders spend most of their days communicating with different stakeholders. Yet many employees complain that the directions they get from their bosses are often unclear. Moreover, even if the instructions are clear, sometimes expectations are vague.

The Importance of Your Website To Your Donors

A new report indicates that visitors using a desktop browser are 75% more likely to convert to become donors to your nonprofit than those visiting via mobile devices. And you want to keep them on your campaign site longer.

Are You Ready For Another Crisis?

Sooner or later, every company and organization must deal with a crisis of their own making. How you can prepare for that eventuality?

Testing Your Integrity

As a leader, you need to demonstrate your integrity if you expect your employees to behave the same way.

Good Leaders Are Optimists

People feed off the attitudes of the people around them. If you want to be an effective leader, learn to be an optimist. It is good for your own health, but will also help your team have a better attitude about their work.

Step Away From That Screen

I find it funny that not that long ago we were warning our teenagers about the dangers of too much screen time. Now because we are working from home, we are the ones with the screen time problem.

Fundraising Is Not Just About Raising Money

If you lead a nonprofit organization, how well do you know your top donors? While some individuals are comfortable with writing a large check to national non-profit when people contribute to local organizations, they frequently want to know more about how their donations will be used and the people who will be spending their money. That’s why leaders must also be comfortable with their fundraising role.

Take Your Vacation Time

Because of Covid, this Independence Day holiday…and the summer…may feel different. But it is still important to unplug and take some time off.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Sometimes I worry about making important decisions where the correct choice is unclear. I’m an over-thinker. Here’s a personal story about how fear impacted me.

Remotely On-boarding Your New Employee

With more and more of your team members working from home these days, you may be faced with having to welcome new employees via teleconference. Onboarding new employees who work remotely present some challenges, but it’s not impossible to get them up to speed quickly.

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