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4 Tips For Leading During Covid

As employees continue to work from home, there are things leaders can do to keep their staff motivated. Here are 4 tips for managers to consider.

When Its Time To Return To The Office

As more and more employees return to their offices after many months away due to the COVID virus, it is essential to consider how it can be done safely. Today we look at information you need before your staff heads back to the office.

The Curse of the Video Call

Have you noticed that attending multiple videoconferencing calls each day seems to be more exhausting than meetings you used to have in the office? There are many reasons. As Gianpiero Petriglieri, a management expert at Insead Business School, told the BBC, “The video call is our reminder of the people we have lost temporarily. It isContinue reading “The Curse of the Video Call”

Things I Keep In Evernote

So far in this series, I’ve mostly concentrated on the technical aspects of downloading, setting up, and using Evernote to keep you better organized. But let’s look at some of the things I keep in Evernote that might give you ideas on how to use it too.

How Has Your Workday Changed?

We are starting to hear of more instances where companies are getting ready to bring their workers back to their offices. While others are thinking about letting everyone work from home……or maybe a mix of the two approaches. There’s a good chance that since you’ve been working from home…..your approach to work has changed a bit.

Six Tips to Get More Control of Your Time

Managing your time more efficiently doesn’t require lots of expensive software. Here are 6 simple tips that will help you manage your time better so you feel less overhelmed.

How Evernote Clipper Can Increase Your Productivity

When you find an article online that you want to keep, you can bookmark it, print it or take a screenshot. But with Evernote there is a powerful tool that allows you to clip any webpage or highlight a portion of it so that it is readily available to you….and searchable. Today, as we continue our series on Evernote tips and tricks……we look at the Evernote Web Clipper.

Why A Coach Can Be Your Guide To Greater Success

Tiger Wood had a coach at the height of his career. Working with someone who can be objective about your skills can be helpful in making you become a better manager and leader, plus being more productive. Today, we explore why this is true and what to look for in a coach.

Why Your Emails Aren’t Being Returned

It can be frustrating when you send an email to someone seeking information, and they don’t respond. There may be several reasons why, as well as things you can do to prompt a response.

Evernote Basics: How To Use Tags

We continue our series looking at the productivity app, Evernote. Among the many helpful things built into Evernote is its tagging system. It allows you to quickly bring up any collection of notes that you need long after you’ve entered a note into your system.

Assessing Your Work From Home Performance

How will your boss measure your performance when you have spent most of the last year working from home? Here are some proactive things you can do to demonstrate your value to your organization.

What We Can Learn From Amazon?

Analysts generally agree that part of Amazon’s success is its focus on the customer’s experience. They make it look easy, but they have carefully crafted leadership principles that guide their work. We can learn from their approach and adapt their ideas in our organizations.

How To Use Evernote’s Home Screen

Today we continue our periodic series on the popular Evernote productivity app. Following a significant rebuild of Evernote, the company has now added a new “Home” screen that functions as your productivity dashboard. Here’s a look at how it works as well as some ideas on how you can increase its functionality.

Are You Seen As A Good Communicator?

Leaders spend most of their days communicating with different stakeholders. Yet many employees complain that the directions they get from their bosses are often unclear. Moreover, even if the instructions are clear, sometimes expectations are vague.

Would You Hire Someone With a Criminal Record?

If a qualified individual applied for a job with your organization, but you discover that the person has a criminal record, would you consider hiring that person? With more than one in three adults having a conviction, it is something that you may want to consider. A “Fair Chance Hiring” initiative is becoming more popular.

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