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Why Should I Give To Your Nonprofit Organization?

Like you, I’ve read too many solicitation letters from too many non-profit organizations that ask me to contribute so a particular goal can be met. I can’t think of a less appealing approach. 

5 Tips For Managing the Lazy Employee

A majority of workers recently surveyed said they wasted more than an hour a day at work. There are five things you can do if you have to deal with a lazy employee who isn’t carrying their weight.

Fundraising Is Not Just About Raising Money

The heads of nonprofits should know their major donors. People want to know the people behind the organizations they want to support. If executives are able to build an honest relationship with their donors, it will be easier to ask for financial support in the future.

Better Job Descriptions Yield Better Candidates

If your job postings are not getting the caliber of applicants that you were hoping to find, you might want to take a look at your job description. It should clearly describe the job but also ‘sell’ the opportunity to potential applicants.

The Coworker That Causes You Stress

While you don’t need to be best friends with everyone you work with, dealing with a coworker that causes you stress will hurt your performance and possibly damage your reputation if projects are completed on time. Here are some tips for dealing with the problem colleague.

Answering Commonly Asked Management Questions

On this edition of LEADERSHIP PLUS, we answer commonly asked questions: How to handle a micromanaging boss, how to avoid getting bogged down with emails, prepare for the most important question in a job interview, and how to stay productive while working from home?

Be The Boss Everyone Wants

If you are the ‘boss’ how would people describe you? Do people want to work with you? Here are 5 things that will make you the boss everyone wants to work with.

Do You Have Unmotivated Employees?

It’s never a good idea to ignore unmotivated workers. They won’t suddenly wake up one day with a burst of motivation. Here are some things you can do.

Is My Employee Being Insubordinate?

We’ve heard of situations where employees are dismissed for insubordination. But how do you know when one of your workers has become insubordinate or just being difficult? And does insubordination mean automatic dismissal?

The Power of Writing Things Down

“Every idea you have and everything you need to do should be written down.” That’s the subject of today’s LEADERSHIP PLUS.

The Employee That Wants To Get Their Way

Some employees love to pepper their managers with questions about a strategy or steps to complete a project. While that can actually be helpful, it can also be a detriment to getting work done. Here are some ideas on how managers can address the person who always wants their own way.

Dealing With Difficult People At Work

Have you had to deal with employees who have a bad attitude, challenge authority or ignore deadlines? Every manager must sooner or later deal with challenging workers. Here are the top 8 warning signs.

How Evernote Can Increase Your Productivity

Evernote is a powerful online tool that will help increase your productivity by allowing you to keep your notes and files in one place, searchable and sharable. In part 1 of this introductory series, we show you how to get started and how to use notebooks within Evernote.

The Problem with Email

Did you ever receive or send an email in which your tone has been misinterpreted? Here are six tips to avoid confusion.

Say “No” To Another Meeting

We all complain about having too many meetings, but think we schedule more. Here are some tips for when you should say ‘no’ to another meeting, and when they are essential.

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