Tracking Completed Projects

We often worry about tracking the projects we need to work on. But what does the Getting Things Done methodology say about tracking completed projects?

5 Reasons to Look For A New Job

The results of a recent survey indicates that almost all workers will be searching for a new job this year. Let’s learn five good reasons to look for a new job.

Some of the Things I Keep In Evernote May Surprise You

Most people have gotten used to keeping meeting notes and other important files in Evernote because they are accessible on any device. Here are some of the things Dave Edwards keeps in Evernote, that might surprise you.

Is Time Blocking A Good Idea?

If you follow online discussions there seems to be a debate over whether you are being true to the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology if you block off time on your calendar to work on specific projects. Let’s examine the controversy.

Is A Paperless Productivity System Possible in 2023?

As computer hard drive space and cloud storage has become cheaper and more accessible, we are seeing more companies and individuals going paperless. Here are some tips that you can use if this is something you want to do.

What Should I Do Next?

You’ve got a long to do list. How should you decide what to do next? Here are 4 questions you should ask yourself based on the GTD, Getting Things Done methodology.

Today, I Need YOUR Help

In a couple of weeks I want to share a free online seminar on using the strength of Evernote and the principles of Getting Things Done (GTD) to build a powerful productivity system. I also want to include any questions you have about digital productivity. This way I can answer your questions while teaching my…

Help with “Backlinks’ in Evernote

Evernote has always allowed you to link one note to another, but going the opposite direction hasn’t been easy until the recent introduction of backlinks. We talk with the project manager.

How Many Inboxes Do You Need ?

The Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology stresses the ability to collect ideas and tasks and put them into a basket where they can be processed later. We all lead busy lives. How many collection baskets do we need?

Automate Tasks For Greater Productivity

Do you ever find that you are repeating certain tasks over and over again? Doing so decreases your productivity. Here are some ways you can automate some tasks.

GTD: How A Weekly Review Will Boost Your Productivity

If you are not doing a weekly review of all of your tasks and activities you are missing an opportunity to help yourself be the most productive you can be. It’s also a key component of David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology.

Will A Standing Desk Make You Healthier and More Productive?

Standing desks remain popular in the workplace, but they may not be right for everyone. We all want to be more productive. I’ve been studying the best ways of managing time and increasing our productivity. All of the research based findings are in my course, “Pathway to Productivity and Time Management.” The course will help…

A GTD Mindsweep Group Activity

One of the key components of the Getting Things Done methodology is a mind weep. It is when you reflect on all the things you need to do or remember and write them down. But GTD author David Allen says sometimes we can benefit from making the mind sweep a group activity.

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