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Improving Concentration Boosts Productivity

There are all sorts of causes for us to lose concentration. But when that happens our productivity falters and we get a reputation as someone who doesn’t care. But there are some simple ways in which you can train your brain to pay more attention.

Automate Tasks For Increased Productivity

Some tasks have to be done over and over again. You may find yourself typing the same responses and reports multiple times in a day or week. But I have found that many simple automation programs and services can be a time savers and increase your accuracy.

David Allen on Capturing What Is On Our Mind

In his book, “Getting Things Done,” David Allen outlines his steps for increasing productivity. It begins with the process of capturing everything in your head. Allen explains the reasoning behind the capture step, and how you easily begin.

Are You Burned Out?

Are you feeling burned out and think that there is no hope for your current situation? Here are five things that will help alleviate that feeling and center yourself again.

What’s Wrong With Productivity Apps?

There are always more and more productivity apps to temp us. I have found some that work for me but need to resist the temptation to constantly switch to something new.

Increase Your Level Of Concentration

One of the greatest obstacles to productivity is our inability to concentrate. Today, we look at ways to improve your concentration. Plus, stay tuned for information about a special offer that will boost your time management skills.

Never Lose Track Of Your Notes and Obligations

When important decisions are made at meetings, they can easily be forgotten or misinterpreted unless you are taking notes. But the importance of notetaking really happens after the meeting when you are finished taking notes.

End Unproductive Meetings

This week, we will look at some of the biggest time-wasters at work…..and how to deal with them.

Top 5 Time Wasters

This week we begin a series on the top 5 time wasters at work and at home. Plus, we look ahead to solutions.

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