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What Task Should I Do First?

In order to decide what task to take on first, you need to have a list. Once you have a list, there are many ways in which you can prioritize your items.

Taking Notes Will Make You More Productive

Taking notes became an essential part of my personal and professional life. Unless I’m writing something down, I have a difficult time remembering important developments.

How To Take And Organize Your “Smart Notes”

As a “recovering” journalist I’ve always been a note taker. Prior to discovering Evernote, my notes were largely jammed into file folders that were unsearchable and largely unmanageable. In “How To Take Smart Notes”, Sonke Ahrens walks us through a comprehensive organizational system that works on paper as well as digitally.

Aligning Fundraising Values With Your Audience

“Aligning both the organization and the audience around the idea that journalism is essential infrastructure for democracy and that it has to be supported by the small-d democratic public that it serves makes it all feel like it’s all pulling in the same direction.”

Only The Paranoid Survive

“The more successful you are, the more people want a chunk of your business and then another chunk and then another until there is nothing left.”

Leading Like A Boss

“Becoming a leader takes time and practice. It takes focus. It starts with a realization of the behaviors you need to embrace.”

How One Midwest Station Is Facing the Pandemic

“On any given day, the delicacy of addressing the substitution of personnel who require self-isolation due to a variety of factors and the matter of having “next up” personnel to take their place is the largest challenge”

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