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Dictate Your Text Into Evernote

Software that converts your voice into text isn’t very popular, but it can be a real time saver. Today, we look at how you can use voice recognition in Evernote.

Need Someone To Help You?

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve ran out of time and energy to work on all of the things you hoped to accomplish. 

Do you feel like you have no one to turn to when you want to discuss a difficult issue? 

Is A World Without Email Even Possible?

In Cal Newport’s book, “A World Without Email” he is critical of email and other technologies that require a lot of our attention. But is a world without email really possible?

The Curse of the Video Call

We seem to be spending more time on video calls, yet for many of us, they don’t seem as productive as in-person meetings. Here’s how to deal with the ‘curse of the video call.’

Creating Links In Evernote

One of the ways you can keep track of various parts of a project in Evernote, or if you want to share a note with someone else, you can do so by creating a link to that note.

6 Tips To Get More Control Over Your Time

If you are stressed with an ever-growing to-do list, it might be tempting to throw up your hands and surrender to the demands of your work. Some simple time management tools could help you deal with your overwhelm .

Dave’s Leadership Library

readers.” Periodically, I like to share some books you might consider reading if you are interested in improving your leadership skills.

Why Your Emails Aren’t Being Returned

It can be frustrating when people don’t return your emails. Some of the reasons may be your own fault! Here’s how to get a better rate of return on your email messages.

Improving Concentration Boosts Productivity

There are all sorts of causes for us to lose concentration. But when that happens our productivity falters and we get a reputation as someone who doesn’t care. But there are some simple ways in which you can train your brain to pay more attention.

Automate Tasks For Increased Productivity

Some tasks have to be done over and over again. You may find yourself typing the same responses and reports multiple times in a day or week. But I have found that many simple automation programs and services can be a time savers and increase your accuracy.

David Allen on Capturing What Is On Our Mind

In his book, “Getting Things Done,” David Allen outlines his steps for increasing productivity. It begins with the process of capturing everything in your head. Allen explains the reasoning behind the capture step, and how you easily begin.

Are You Burned Out?

Are you feeling burned out and think that there is no hope for your current situation? Here are five things that will help alleviate that feeling and center yourself again.

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