Online Courses

Sooner or later all managers are faced with an employee who is difficult to motivate, creates conflict, and doesn’t focus on the task at hand.

Managing Difficult People” is designed to give managers the edge when dealing with employees who don’t get along.

In this 90-minute course, you will have well-researched advice on preparing you for the next conflict you face.

Are you planning to look for a new job but are concerned about your chances during these difficult economic times?  Are you stuck in a job or career that no longer inspires you? It’s time to take a step forward. 

I know what it will take for your application to stand out from all of the rest. 

And that’s the basis for my online video course, “Getting The Job You Want.” 

Everyone is learning online!

It’s time to learn from the best. In addition to his work as an executive coach and management expert, Dave Edwards has been teaching at two of the top-rated Colleges in the country for more than 20 years. His students have described him with words like, “engaging.” “down to earth,” and ‘easy to understand.” Dave is now bringing his talents to the online community.

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