For more than 30 years, I successfully managed WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio. I was also elected to the NPR Board of Directors and chosen by my peers to serve as Board Chair during some of the organization’s most challenging years. I am now dedicated to helping others in public media build successful careers….and stations.

If you are in public media (or want to be), I will begin by suggesting that you buy my book “The Public Media Manager’s Handbook.” In it, I tell you how to navigate some of the tricky elements of managing in a creative environment that places you and your organization up for public scrutiny 24/7. Buy the book HERE.

I also offer specialized services for you and your station.


I enjoy working with managers on a one-on-one basis to solve the problems they face. This could be related to personnel, structural, or any other issues.

  • IS YOUR LOCAL CONTENT HAVING THE IMPACT YOU WANT? You are investing a lot of money in creating news and other local programs. Does it have the impact you would like? I can show you how to organize your efforts so that your team can operate efficiently and produce content that will get recognized and have an impact on your community. I’m a journalist by training and had been a regular contributor to NPR, so I approach the work I do for you with that as my background. 
  • RAISING FUNDS TO GROW YOUR NEWS DEPARTMENT I successfully added journalists through a specialized fundraising approach that will work in any sized market. Let me show you how you can do it too. 
  • IS YOUR STATION’S ETHICS CODE HELPING OR GETTING IN THE WAY? Your audience wants to make sure that you are operating with the highest level of ethical behavior. Does your station have an ethics code? Does your staff understand what it says? How often does your team receive training and discuss the code’s implications? I was chairing the NPR Board of Directors when a new code was adopted. I was part of a joint public radio and television committee that worked to create a “Public Media Code of Integrity.” I know the subject well and help your station refine its code and make it come to life for your staff. 

Let’s discuss these or any other ways I can help you. Please fill out the form below or email me at Let’s get the process started.

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