Be A Leader, Not Just A Manager:

You Are Given The Title of Manager, But You Earn The Role of Leader

Some people are given the title of manager, but they fail to ever become a true leader in their organization. Leaders inspire people, are able to get the most out of their workers (and themselves), while embracing innovation and sometimes challenging the status quo. After spending four decades motivating people and building organizations, Dave Edwards uses his ideas and current research to show you how you can move from managing to leading. You will learn how to develop your leadership skills, how to build and lead a high-performing team, and how to work through issues unique to today’s organizational environments.


Public Media Manager’s Handbook:

A Guidebook for New Managers and Those Who Seek Management Positions

I’ve talked to so many people over the years who have become public media managers and feel that they haven’t received the appropriate training that will help them be successful.

Is that you?

Or would you like to make a move into management, but aren’t sure what you will face or how to deal with aspects of the business that you aren’t familiar with?

The book is designed for new and new-ish public media managers who are looking for assistance on how to be more effective.

It is also designed for those individuals who would like to be a successful manager in public media.



After more than 30 years of successful leadership in the non-profit sector, Dave Edwards is now using the knowledge he gained in helping managers become more effective leaders.

He is a consultant to nonprofit managers and organizations around the country, providing executive coaching services as well as serving as a speaker and workshop leader. Dave also teaches classes in journalism and ethics for Milwaukee’s Marquette University and classes in strategic planning and professional communications for Alverno College in Milwaukee.

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