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I have a passion for helping people succeed. I always tailor my work to the needs of my clients rather than have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. With me, you get individual attention.

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I’ve written two books designed to help individuals prepare for professional challenges. “Be A Leader Not Just A Manager” is written for anyone interested in improving your management skills, while “The Public Media Manager’s Handbook is designed for public media professionals.

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Whether it is improving your productivity, managing a difficult employee, becoming a better public speaker, or finding a new job, I have created online courses to help you improve your skills.

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Are you facing a particularly tricky problem? Let’s discuss it. Sometimes bouncing ideas off another professional is an excellent pathway to a solution. Or maybe you have a longer-term project that you would like to outsource. I am available to help my clients and would love to discuss options with you.

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Book me to speak to your group or organization or lead a workshop on various subjects. I enjoy engaging with my audience on such topics as the changing media environment, ethics in the workplace, and becoming a more effective leader. During COVID, I’ve even spoken to groups via Zoom.

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