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Evernote for Beginners” is my new productivity course. It walks you through how to set up the app and demonstrates all of its functions. I show you my system and how I use it. The course is perfect for the beginner as well as anyone who wants to make sure they are getting the most from the app. Check it out HERE.


  • What Should (and Shouldn’t) Be On Your Resume?
    Think of your resume as your single and best chance at getting the attention of an employer. A well-written and attractive resume can help your application get a little more attention than one that is too long, too dull, and fails to showcase what makes you worthy of an in-depth interview.
  • Getting Reminders from Evernote
    There’s been a lot of attention given to how Evernote has expanded its task feature. And it is pretty impressive, but today, I want to show you how you can use the reminders features that go beyond remembering a task.
  • What Is Your Productivity “Style”?
    If there was only one way to be more productive, we could all follow that set of rules. But we are different, and research shows we all approach productivity in different ways.
  • “Getting Things Done” While Working From Home
    A recent survey of people who have been working from home since Covid shows that 53% say that they are tempted by distractions and have a hard time separating work from nonwork life. Given that more people will continue to work from home, we have to find a way to remain productive.  David Allen, the author of “Getting Things Done” has some ideas.
  • What’s In My Everyday Carry Bag?
    What’s in your everyday carry bag? In this episode, Dave shares what he keeps inside the bag that he carries every day.
  • How I Use Evernote As A Writer, Content Creator and Blogger
    Every writer, content creator, or blogger has a different way to approach their writing. For me, Evernote plays a key role in my research and writing process.