Throughout my career, I have reviewed thousands of resumes, interviewed and hired hundreds of talented individuals for entry-level to CEO positions of multi-million dollar companies.

Some candidates know how to sell themselves, while others don’t know how to interview for a position.

Do you have a job interview scheduled? Selling yourself is important, but knowing what hiring managers are looking to hear will help with your preparation, so you can relax and present the right image.

Some time ago a client asked me to help him prepare for an upcoming job interview.

That sent me on a journey to research the most popular questions candidates are asked and what hiring managers want (and don’t want) to hear. Combining that with what I learned from interviewing hundreds of candidates for senior manager to entry level jobs over thirty years, I am confident that I can help you prepare for your next job interview.

I’ve learned what hiring managers want to hear during a job interview.

Now I want to help you prepare.

Here’s How It Works:

I provide two different kinds of services.

The first option is a one-hour session, via Zoom, in which we prepare for your job interview. I begin by sharing with you some of the research I’ve uncovered. We discuss the job you are considering. Then, we conduct a mock interview. You get the video to review your performance. I give you instant feedback with advice on how to improve your answers. If you’d like, I am also happy to review your resume and cover letter at no extra charge.

The second takes a more comprehensive approach. This option is especially helpful if you haven’t applied for a job in a long while, or are just considering looking for a new opportunity. we always begin by discussing the kind of job you want and designing an effective cover letter and support materials that will get the hiring committee’s attention.   We work on the philosophy you want to present, and we do mock interviews so that you feel comfortable with your answers. We make sure that you hit the points that will get the attention of the interviewer.

Testimonial From Satisfied Clients:

“This is a terrific service, Dave! I’m feeling much more prepared.”

“I was well prepared for all of the questions they asked me and I’m happy to say that I got the job.”

“I was able to relax and be myself. Thanks for getting me there.”

I also offer an online course designed to help you prepare for your next job interview. “Job Interviews: What Employers Want To Hear” is available HERE.

Fill out this form and we will get to work on your future:

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