I’m Truly Honored

Tom Langmyer, is one of those most respected and talented managers in the broadcast business. He caught me pleasantly off guard recently with a post on his Facebook page. Langmyer is CEO of Great Lakes Media Corporation and was previously Vice President and General Manager for WGN in Chicago, KMOX in St. Louis, WTMJ and WKTI in Milwaukee and national VP of news/talk formats for CBS News. Given that background, you can see why I was so honored to see this post:

“Dave Edwards is a great leader with lots of wisdom.

He led Milwaukee’s NPR for many years, making it one of the nation’s most successful public radio stations.

He now coaches leaders, primarily in that space, and is great at doing so in ALL media.

Dave’s experience is in commercial and public media – and I was always impressed at his advocacy for localism.

If you’re looking for support for your team, Dave is great!

And no… He didn’t ask me to post this and will see it when you do…”

– Tom Langmyer

Thank you, Tom. I believe in the power of local radio and I enjoy helping people achieve their dreams.

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