All Good Things Must Come To An End

Dear Public Broadcasting Colleagues,

We are fortunate to work in an amazing industry. I thought about that as I sat and watched journalists win awards at the last Wisconsin Broadcasters Association awards banquet. Despite all of the concerns that local radio is dead or dying, some very creative work was being honored. It came from commercial as well as non-commercial stations. Radio may not be what it was decades ago, but it has evolved, and effective managers will help keep it relevant for decades to come.

In recent years I have watched as many of my manager friends in public broadcasting have retired from their jobs. I took the plunge in 2019. But for years before that, I heard many hallway discussions at public media meetings, lamenting that we were doing very little to encourage the next generation of public broadcasters to train for management-level positions…particularly persons of color.

Plus, over the years, the job of managing a public station has changed dramatically. When many of my peers and I became managers, we did so after having a background in programming. However, as my organization grew in size and complexity, I found myself having to spend more time raising money. That shift requires the next generation of managers to adapt.

After more than 30 years leading WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio, I decided to write down what I learned along the way that helped me be an effective manager and lead the station to a successful trajectory.


Since the launch of the PUBLIC MEDIA MANAGER’S HANDBOOK, I have offered bonuses, valued at more than $200.  The bonus offer will end TODAY – MONDAY AUGUST 31st.  So if you would like help becoming a manager or guidance for you in your current role, act now.  The bonuses include a free consultation with me on any matter that interests you.  The book covers a range of topics associated with public media and general management techniques.

The book is designed for new and new-ish public media managers who are looking for assistance on how to be more effective.

It is also designed for those individuals who would like to be a successful manager in public media

More info on the special offer HERE.

Or order the book HERE.

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