Are You Less Productive Working At Home?

Most of us have to-do lists for our work projects and delegate tasks when things can be best done by others so we can concentrate on those tasks where we add the most value. But we don’t maintain that strategy at home.

We don’t miss deadlines at work, but we forget to pay the doctor’s bill.

You can find files and contracts at work, but your home is cluttered.

And we complain, there’s never enough time to finish tasks at home.

You might find more time to relax at home and have less stress if you use some of your work-based productivity methods at home.

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Here are four tips that increase your at-home productivity. They will be familiar to those who have read my advice for at-work time management.

(1) While we keep a list of tasks at work, most people don’t do the same at home. We rely on our memory, our spouse’s reminders, or when we notice we’ve run out of milk. So, write everything that needs to be done on a list. Keep another list of recurring chores and maintenance schedules. Once you have your task list, figure out the three most things you need to do as you approach the weekend. Reward yourself when you complete those items. I’d suggest a nap.

(2) As you consider which tasks to work on, divide them according to the urgency of their completion. It’s tempting to do something easy first, but you want to ensure urgent tasks are not forgotten.

(3). There are some tasks at work that you delegate so you can focus on more important items. You probably don’t have anyone to delegate to at home unless you have a very understanding spouse or cooperative child. But you can solve this by hiring someone to mow your lawn or someone to clean your house. The cost of hiring the kid next door might be the best expenditure for your weekend. Many services can help you, including grocery shopping delivery services, menu planning. Take advantage of them.

(4) If you can’t afford to hire anyone, one of the best at-home productivity methods is to do a little bit every day. Perhaps you can designate Monday night to be deep clean the bathroom and the bathroom on Tuesday. You will be glad you did this on the weekend.

I have many more tips for how to work more productively in my online course, “Pathway To Productivity and Better Time Management.” It is more than one-hour of practical advice in order to work productively from home or in the office. Details are HERE.

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