Pro Tip: Finding A Job During The Pandemic

If you are looking for a job right now, you are probably aware that thanks to Covid-19, things are a bit different.  Organizations are taking more time to hire.  Some of that is due to caution about the economy, while sometimes it could be due to delays in setting up teleconferences.

When you get that interview, make sure that you demonstrate that you are a self-motivated worker who can adapt to working from home while staying in touch and collaborating with a team.  That’s the reality we face now, and most companies want to hire quick studies who can work independently while still sharing information with others.  Demonstrate your flexibility and tech-savvy.

I have prepared an online course that is designed to help you get a job during the pandemic.  As one person remarked shortly after starting to watch the sessions:

“So far, this course has been an excellent source of information that I can use when applying for a new job.  With everything feeling so uncertain these days, having these tools allows me to feel confident and proactive.”

Check it out. I know you will find it helpful.

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