Covid Questions You May Be Asked In A Job Interview

Covid has changed a lot of things in the workplace. Among them, are some of the questions you may be asked during job interviews. Here’s a look at some of those questions and the answers that hiring managers are waiting to hear.

If you are in the job hunt, you will want to know more questions that my research points to…the non-Covid questions …you are likely to be asked.

They are all in my course, Job Interviews: What Employers Want To Hear

I share the questions and tell you how you might want to respond. Since I’ve done all of this research I have also been doing one on one coaching with individuals where we dress rehearse an actual job interview.

Here’s how it works we get on a zoom call…I ask the questions and then after you give your answer we can work together to refraim your answer so that hiring managers hear what they want to hear and get the right message from you as a candidate and that they see you as an effective new hire.  We record our sessions so, you can watch them afterwards

While I can’t guarantee that everyone who goes through this coaching program will get their dream job, I’m happy to report that i have lots of happy clients.

Be prepared for your job searchm

For info on the course, click HERE.

For info on the one on one coaching…click HERE

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