Evernote Sold: How Concerned Should We Be?

With the recently announced sale of Evernote, many of its users are wondering about the future of the company and the app they rely on to stay productive.  Evernote Expert Dave Edwards has researched the acquiring company and has some thoughts.

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2 responses to “Evernote Sold: How Concerned Should We Be?”

  1. Dave, when I owned an iPhone, I used Scannable to scan all of my documents into Evernote. After that I used CamScanner when I bought a Galaxy s22 Ultra, which is an Android. I read how CamScanner was kicked off of The Play Store for a bit, for having malicious software installed in the app. I know it’s back on the Play Store now, but I am just uncomfortable using it anymore. If you had to pick a scanner, which one would you use? I’ve only tried Adobe Scan and it’s pretty slow. Thanks for any insight you can give me.


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