Dave Is On Vacation

I am on vacation. My posts, videos, and other content will resume on Tuesday, September 6th.

Some people think that if you avoid taking time off, you are demonstrating your dedication to your work and career. But research shows that if you don’t take periodic time off, it will negatively impact your health. That’s why I encourage you to get away when you can.

If you have some time and want to browse my past content, please do so. For what it is worth, here are the top 5 most viewed posts during the first part of 2022:

If you want to watch my videos, here are the topic posts:

  1. Setting Up GTD In Evernote
  2. Managing Up Down and Sideways
  3. Preparing For A Job Interview
  4. How I Use Evernote to “Collect” Ideas
  5. Bosses Need To Learn To Apologize

Please also check out these topic areas that I have shared on Youtube:


GTD – Getting Things Done



I have some exciting things planned for the fall, based on your feedback, so please stay tuned.

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