A New Year’s Message from Dave Edwards

It was one year ago this week that I launched my consulting business and this website.  I want to thank you for being part of its success.

When I “retired” from my 9 to 5 in January of 2020, I wrote that I couldn’t see myself in a conventional retirement.  I’ve always wanted to “pay it forward’ because so many people helped me in different stages of my career.

Even though 2020 was not the kind of year any of us had expected, I am truly honored by the number of people who I have gotten to work with and coach.  I am grateful for the wonderful comments I have received on my blog, book, online course, and videos.

As we begin a new year, I remain dedicated to helping people like you.

I am very excited that in early 2021, my second book will be published.  It will focus on leadership issues for individuals who work primarily in the non-profit sector.  A new online course will be introduced.  And I still plan on sharing a couple of blog posts each week.  I am excited to continue my one-on-one coaching with individuals and work with organizations that aspire to achieve their goals.  I am also careful to carve out plenty of time to enjoy my free time in retirement.  Besides working with you, playing with my grand kids gives me great joy.

I wish you all the best for the year ahead.

Keep leading.


PS) Because I’m a “stats geek”, I looked back to see what were my post popular blog posts of the past year. I’m sharing the list below. Maybe there’s a topic you’d like to revisit:

  1. Things A Boss Should Never Say
  2. How To Prepare Your Public Media Station To Operate Under “New Normal”
  3. What I Can Do About Racism
  4. I Have Enough Coffee Mugs
  5. Tips For Managing A Staff That Works Remotely
  6. Should Your Workers Stay Home Permanently?
  7. Showing Appreciation During These Difficult Times
  8. How a 3″ x 5″ Card Keeps Me Productive
  9. We Need More Public Media Manager
  10. Ten Tips To Help You Communicate Like A Leader

If you have ideas for future topics, I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment below.

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