Why I Won’t Ever “Retire”

When I decided to ‘retire’ after more than 30 years of being in public radio management, I had to decide what my next act would be.  I’m not the kind of person who saw myself quitting the job I loved so that I could watch the world go by while being idle.  

Sometime before leaving my full-time job managing WUWM MILWAUKEE PUBLIC RADIO, I had minor foot surgery, and I spent almost three weeks in the house.  I couldn’t drive.  I eventually could hobble around the house, but it wasn’t easy.  I wound up in a daily routine that included breakfast, followed by reading until my eyes hurt.  My wife was so nice; she would make me a sandwich for lunch, which I would eat while watching “Gunsmoke” reruns on a random cable channel.  That would be followed by “Bonanza” and a nap.   I remember thinking that if this was retirement, I wanted no part of it. 

Plus, it’s not healthy.   

In a  2014 NPR’s Ina Jaffee reported on research from the University of Michigan’s health and retirement study which tracked thousands of older Americans for more than two decades,  I wasn’t surprised that the data showed that people who kept working were healthier than those who had retired.  Economist Dhaval Dave looked at the data and concluded, “Once they retire completely … there are increases in depression and mental illness,” says Dave. “There are increases in certain health conditions like arthritis, hypertension. For the average American, we found negative effects on health.” 

So, I decided that what I wanted to use the knowledge I gained by making my own mistakes to help the next generation of leaders in public media – and in other non-profits – prepare for the tasks they face. 

Since my official ‘retirement’ date, I have found myself more active and creative.   

This blog and website are designed to offer whatever help I can to you and others in situations just like yours. 

There is no big company behind this venture — just me. If you email me, I will write you back.  If you call, I will be on the other end of the phone line.  I want to work one-on-one with people who want to be more than an average manager solving crisis after crisis.  I know that all of my years in public broadcasting has prepared me to coach those are currently running an organization as well as those who have that as their career goal. 

Elsewhere on this website, you can learn about other services I want to provide to you, but on this blog, you will find general management advice that you will hopefully find helpful. 

If you have suggestions or other ideas on how I can help you or others, please send me an email.  daveedwards@outlook.com 

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