“The Myth of Equality”


In recent weeks I admitted that I’ve not fully understood white privilege and racial inequality in our country.  Several people recommended “The Myth of Equality” to me and I’m glad they did as it will help with my effort to understand the issues and be able to act accordingly.

The author, Ken Wytsma, is lead pastor at Village Church–A Multicultural Community in Christ. He is also the founder of Kilns College, where he teaches courses on philosophy and justice.  So, the book takes a spiritual approach to understanding of different races and cultures.

It illustrates how slave trade and segregation began and its impact throughout history.  Wytsma shows us how many elements of our history, from Jim Crow, convict leasing, voting restrictions, mass incarceration, redlining, have led to the disparities we face today.  He explains God’s call to live justly and reminds us that we have been instructed to love our neighbor without prejudice.

I found myself pausing to think deeply about many passages in this book.  It will be helpful in my journey of understanding.

“The Myth of Equality” is an Amazon Associates link. Your purchase will provide me with a small stipend while not adding to your cost of the book.

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