Common Communication Problems and How To Fix Them


In “No-Fail Communication; 13 Workplace Communication Problems and How To Fix Them”, coach and author Michael Hyatt offers very practical tips on how to supercharge your communication skills.  While much of the advice is tailored to the workplace, much of what he writes is applicable to every day life.  The book focuses on everything from basic communication challenges, unclear communications, confusion in the ranks, remote communications and how to have difficult communications with your employees.

At one time or another, we have all faced the challenge that Hyatt writes about. In this book, he offers great advice and helpful templates to make us all more effective communicators.


A company that withholds information from employees is like a house built on a floodplain, a disaster waiting to happen. This is especially true when the company is not doing well or major changes are a foot. Company culture become secretive. Strong players begin to abandon ship. It’s the worst possible environment for achieving progress. In the absence of information people will make up their own story.

Get the message right:

  1. to begin with, write it down.
  2. get straight to the point.
  3. Always include your rationale for decision making.
  4. When announcing change, state what is not changing. I like to lead with this because it begins with a bit of security, which people crave.

Secrecy breeds suspicion. Transparency build trust. And everyone plays better when they know the score.

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