How Your Board Can Assist With Fundraising

Whether you have a board of directors or some form of advisory group, each member should be expected to assist with fundraising in some capacity. That role should be clearly outlined when new members are recruited.

While some board members are adept fundraisers, others are not.

However, all board members can help to identify prospects who may be approachable for a major gift to the station or to support a special project. Board members probably have friends who are loyal listeners to your organization. Even if a board member is uncomfortable with making ‘the ask,’ he or she can arrange a meeting for the general manager, or host a breakfast or dinner.

If the board is willing, it is also a good idea to establish a ‘give or get’ threshold for participation on the board. It is easier for a board member to ask for funds if they are able to say to a donor, “I am a major donor to this station, and you should be too.” Some stations work with board leadership to set a dollar amount for board members. If the threshold were $2,000 per year, each board member would be asked to either personally give or get that amount from others. Work with your board leadership if there is no tradition of giving by members of your board.

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