Practical Advice for Self Improvement (A Book Review)

I’ve been a fan of Tiago Forte’s writing for some time.  His focus is always on self-improvement which is a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

Forte collects 18 essays from his popular Praxis blog on productivity in his new e-book, “The Heart Is Broken: Praxis Volume 3”. He shares his insight and research into personal growth, creativity and how we can use a wide variety of techniques to improve ourselves.  It’s a quick read and with a lot of great advice and thinking.

My favorite quote:

“We blame others for things that happened in the past, making our case look as plausible and sympathetic as possible. We maintain lists of all the things our parents, our ex-s, our former friends, and our ex-bosses did so, so wrong. We collect mountains of evidence supporting these judgments. But we are always innocent in our stories, victims of their inexcusable behavior.”

You can find his book, “The Heart Is Broken: Praxis Volume 3” on Amazon (affiliate link)

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