Dave’s Leadership Library

Because we can always learn from the successful journeys of others, here are more books that you might find helpful in your desire to be more productive.

The Myth Of The Strong Leader by Archie Brown

Some people rise to the ranks of power only to find out that it is not all that they had hoped. If you are looking to get a true perspective of what leadership looks like, this book might be for you. It explains that leaders are usually humble and collegial.

Hyper Learning by Edward Hess

The world is changing rapidly and the knowledge you need to stay competitive in your field keeps evolving. This book demonstrates how people and companies can adapt. The author believes to do this you have to change your mindset, adapt your behavior and illustrate the four pillars of hyperlearning.

The Lives of Stoics by Ryan Holiday

I have long been a fan of Ryan Holiday’s work. In this book, he and coauthor Stephen Hanselman look at the experiences and beliefs of some of the earliest philosophers. Stoicism, they write started because of extreme hardship, and while not all of its earliest practitioners lived up to its standards.

How To Change by Katy Milkman

We learn about the stumbling blocks that prevent us from achieving our goals as well as how to apply the best behaviors to real-life problems. This book might be of particular interest if you struggle with procrastination.

Plus, a book by Dave:

Learn the lessons of leadership from management expert Dave Edwards. His book has won the acclaim of readers from around the world. Find out more HERE.

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