I’m Back……

It’s always good to go on vacation and nice getting back into our normal routines. All of my regular content will resume tomorrow. But before I get the blog back to its regular schedule, I thought I’d preview some of the things I have coming up this fall.

There will be two posts most weeks this fall on leadership and management issues. This is the core of what I write about and I appreciate all of the positive feedback I’ve received on both the blog and video posts.

You will see more weekly content that focuses on the “Getting Things Done” productivity methodology. That will include my regular conversations with GTD guru David Allen.

Beginning on September 12th, I am beginning a series on building your productivity systems by using Evernote. People all over the world are using this software program, and I have tips with a special focus on beginners.

That’s the plan. Oh, and I continue to publish my free weekly newsletter. Please sign up and you won’t miss any of my content including some upcoming bonuses.

I hope you had a wonderful summer.


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