Reevaluate Your Workspace When Returning To Work

Every day, decisions are being made as to whether workers should be coming back to the office in a post-Covid world. You may be one of those thinking about how to transition back to that environment. One of my executive coaching clients told me he believes he has been more productive while working from home and isn’t sure that will continue.  I’ve made a few suggestions that you might consider as well. 

Begin by cleaning and clearing your space. There might be a little bit of dust and grime that collected in your office while you were working at home. You will feel better if you clean up a bit. Consider clearing your workspace of clutter as well. 

Buy a plant. Interior designers suggest that blue adds a calming effect. Red might boost your attention and accuracy. Researchers from Washington State University discovered that workers in windowless offices feel less stressed if they share the space with a plant or two. 

Add some personal knickknacks to your space without creating too much clutter. This could be a family picture on your desk or on your wall. Some people like motivational posters. Consider changing things around and replacing some of those personal items periodically, so they don’t start to blend in and go unnoticed. 

Whether you have a standing desk or not, make sure that your workspace is ergonomic.  Some companies regularly use specialists in this area to work with staff as they have found that when you are comfortable, you will do better work. 

Anyone who has looked at the prices of office chairs knows just how expensive they can be. But check with your office manager if you can get a new one if you find your back hurts by the end of the day. 

Similarly, make sure you have good lighting. Low light levels will lead to eye strain. 

Taking simple steps like this is likely to not only help you increase your productivity but it will create an environment that you will enjoy spending time daily. 

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