Leaders Are Readers: “Launch” by Jeff Walker

When I launched my online business, I purchased a copy of Jeff Walker’s book “Launch” and it was instrumental in building my audience and expanding my sales. Walker has written an updated and expanded edition of “Launch” to include technology and ideas that weren’t widely available when he first wrote the book in 2014.

I’m glad I read the second edition.

“Launch” is based on Walker’s course, “Project Launch Formula.” While he admits the course is expensive, the book explains his successful strategies in depth. While the course might be helpful for hard-core entrepreneurs, I found plenty in the book to grow my business.

Does the system work? Walker used the formula to earn $1 million in a single hour. (I haven’t gotten there yet).

The basic philosophy of “Launch” is to get your target audience engaged and excited about your product. He stresses the importance of scarcity and developing a strong mailing list.

Your mailings should only go to those individuals who have asked to receive them so that you are not perceived as a spammer. This means you need to have a clear understanding of who is your potential customer and product niche. The next step is to build a ‘squeeze page’ on your website that offers a high-quality opt-in offer in exchange for a person’s email address.

Once you have your list in place, you can begin the actual launch. which is an online system of emails and videos that replaces the old snail mail requests for business. For example, Walker suggests you stage your product (or business launch) into four sequences:

  1. Pre-prelaunch: This is how you build anticipation among the members of your email list.  
  2. Prelaunch: During this stage, you release multiple pieces of high-quality content to demonstrate and educate the value of your product to potential customers.
  3. Launch: As the title suggests, this is the day you send your product or service out and start taking orders.
  4. Post-launch: This phase is aimed at building a sense of goodwill with your new customers and reaching out to those that haven’t purchased.

Walker gives many examples and case studies of how each phase works. He also includes cases studies to show how the phases are implemented by real entrepreneurs.

As I said, the book offers sample language triggers for your email offers. It stresses using mental triggers such as Authority, Reciprocity, Trust, Anticipation, Likeability, Events and Ritual, Community, Scarcity, and Social Proof.

Walker writes that using his “Launch” system, you are not seen as a huckster, rather you are showing how you can help someone solve a problem they are experiencing.

I am normally very leery of people who tell me they have a ‘system’ for ‘success.’ What I like about Walker’s book is that he admits that this is not a get rich quick scheme. Success requires hard work and the ability to create high-quality content. The good thing about “Launch” is that it gives the reader a head start on their pathway to entrepreneurship.

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