Lessons On Perseverance

I’m not sure who said it, but I love the quote, “No one goes through life unscathed.’

The power of perseverance, no matter what obstacle we face, demonstrates the strength of our character and our willingness to keep moving forward no matter what life presents.

We might face difficulties with our health or another personal situation. 

We might face a challenge at work or with our careers.

Developing an attitude to face your challenges head-on will prove to yourself (and others around you) that you are capable of succeeding well beyond your comfort zone.

Muhammad Ali was asked if he liked his training.  He said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said to myself, ‘Don’t quit, suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”

My friend Ken Mills has had a long and successful career in public radio.  He worked on the air, as well as off the air.  He worked for local stations and program distributors.  He has always been well respected and well-liked by everyone he worked with.  But in 2003, an accident during a surgical procedure left him nearly blind in one eye.   What impressed me about Ken was that he moved on with his life.  He made some adjustments but continued his career.  But in 2020, he faced another setback when the eye drops, he had been using caused an allergic reaction leaving him legally blind. Many of us might have been tempted to blame our fate and give up.  As Ken told me recently, “I decided to keep living.’ While he has made more adjustments, he continues to focus on his clients, and he recently restarted his informative blog on public media.

I’ve always liked Ken, but I respect him even more because of what he has gone through and how he still maintains a positive attitude.

When you are faced with challenges, consider the following:

Without failure, you won’t grow.

Not every day will be easy.  But, keeping a positive attitude will help you move beyond your failures.

Look for minor signs of improvement.

I’m sure Ken didn’t see leaps in his ability to work with clients every day, but as he told me ‘you can’t dwell on it.”

Build A Network of Support

People will want to help you.  A support network will help you meet your challenges.

Learn From Others

Read “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.  It will help you understand your struggles and help you identify what is holding you back.

And finally, Have A Purpose

Set goals and to quote Ken again, “life is precious. I’m not giving up.”

So, whether our challenges are personal or professional, it is helpful to remind ourselves that muscles get stronger the more we use them.  If we work those muscles to deal with challenges, whether mental or physical, we will prove that we are capable of anything we set our mind to.

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