6 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

If you are looking for a job, you probably know that LinkedIn is an important platform to showcase yourself to potential employers. But, not everyone knows how to use it effectively. LinkedIn is not just another Facebook or Instagram site. It is perceived and used differently.  Because many people don’t understand how to use it best, it is rarely used effectively.

in an article on monster.com, writer Aisha Newton tells the story of  J Clark Walker, a barber who found a new job thanks to LinkedIn. “He never sent in a resume. The entire transaction took place via the web. He was working as a barber in Utah and was looking for a change. He had heard about Instagram and decided to give it a try. He began posting pictures of his clients, and slowly but surely, he developed a following. He began actively following other barbers, and when he saw that a barbershop in New York was hiring, he reached out to them.”

Photo by Tim Samuel on Pexels.com

The rest, as they say, is history. 

As you launch your job search, take a good look at all of your social media and online platforms. This is especially true for your Instagram account, as it is familiar to provide your Linkedin address with your application. Even if you don’t, many employees will look for you there.

Make sure the information you list is accurate.

Think of your account as a living resume. You want to list all of your career highlights as well as your expertise. Are you using a professional-looking picture? This is not the time for a selfie from your last trip to the beach.

Showcase your skills. While you will want to list your employment history on your profile, you should also document and demonstrate any special skills. If you spoke at a conference or led an in-house training session, include a picture that shows you in action.

Tell your story. In addition to using pictures, use a narrative that tells a story about a significant accomplishment. A good (and honest) story will help an employer remember you. Researchers have found that exciting stories stick with us.

Help people find you.

If someone is interested in reaching you, make it easy for them to find you. Prominently list your contact information. Your email address is better than having someone leave a message for you on LinkedIn. You are more likely to check your email more regularly than the LinkedIn app.

Contribute ideas.

If you find a post about an area of your expertise, offer your thoughts.

Let LinkedIn help you. Many people tend to ignore the suggestions that the algorithm suggests to link with other individuals or similar industries or companies. If you follow them, you will learn more about different companies and their projects. You might even discover that they are hiring.

Don’t neglect the power of LinkedIn for your job search. They get more than 100 million views every month.  It would be foolish to miss out on that opportunity.

Learn more on how to build a successful strategy to find the job you want HERE.

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