What Should and Shouldn’t Be On Your Resume?

Think of your resume as your single and best chance at getting the attention of an employer. A well-written and attractive resume can help your application get a little more attention than one that is too long, too dull, and fails to showcase what makes you worthy of an in-depth look. In one study, we learned that a recruiter spends an average of only 7.4 seconds. 

I know that it is difficult to believe unless you have ever had the experience of going through one hundred resumes for a single opening. They all begin to look the same.

In preparing your resume, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Rather than follow a standard template for a job, make sure it showcases the things that make you look like an outstanding candidate. 
  • Leave off the “career objective” section that a lot of people consider standard. Your number one objective is to the job for which you are applying. 
  • Leave your home address off your resume. Because many applications are put into databases and shared with staff members, protect yourself by only including your email address, not your physical address. Your phone number should also be included. 
  • While you want to list the years you have worked at previous positions, leave off the dates of your graduation as it could lead to age discrimination. When you list your grade point average and your part-time summer camp job, it signals your youth. Similarly, noting that typing class, you took in high school shows your senior status. It’s called ‘keyboarding’ today. 
  • Make sure the resume is easy to read. Large blocks of text are easily ignored. Consider using bullet points and short sentences. 
  • Unless you are applying for an on-air television job or a movie role, there is no reason to include a picture. Again, you don’t want to telegraph your age. 
  • To make your application more attractive to an employer, you should include the things that, according to “careerbuilder.com,” a recruiter will be looking for. These include a cover letter, an application that is customized for the opening and addressed to the hiring manager. Also, include a link to an online portfolio if you have one. 

Then, think of all those stodgy, old-fashioned resumes that will be ignored in favor of yours. 

Looking for a job can be tricky.  I have reviewed thousands of applications in my career, so I know what will make yours stand out.  I’ve put all of my tips together in an online course.

Getting The Job You Want” Check it out.  I know it will help you be successful in your job search.

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