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Be The Boss Everyone Wants

There are bosses, and then there are bosses that people really want to work for.  

It is natural to want our employees to enjoy working for us. But some people fail at it when their ego gets in the way. I’ve worked for people who have had a magnetic personality that everyone wanted to learn from. I’ve also worked for another boss who just liked to throw his weight around and attempt to prove how powerful he was. 

Here are five things you should focus on if you want to improve your likeability score. 

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  • Great leaders are authentic. They are truthful and trustworthy. Their word is their bond. That sounds simple, but a 2017 Trust Barometer survey done by the PR firm, Edelman, found that trust in CEOs in the U.S. has reached an all-time low.
  • Leaders have a vision and know-how to communicate it and relate it to even the smallest departments or units. 
  • Great bosses know that it is not all about them. They see success through the work and enthusiasm of their employees. 
  • People want to work for a boss that lets them take creative approaches to assignments and problems. They delegate and lead and let good workers feel like they are responsible for the work they do. 
  • As a boss, you should be enthusiastic about the job and the people you work with. The best leaders can keep things light and fun while still ensuring that everyone is doing what they should be doing. 

If being the boss, everyone wants to work for is your goal; it will take time and effort. To put this in context, a recent survey from software company, TinyPulse, asked workers what is the one thing they wished they could change about their manager. The second most popular answer was to have their manager quit.

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