How Do You Know If You Will Like Your New Job?

Taking a new job is always a leap of faith as you never really know what it is like to work for a new company until you’ve been there awhile. Yet, there are some things you can do to hedge your bet. 

It begins with research about the job you are being offered as well as the company.   Obviously, that is easier if you know someone who works there or does the job. But if you don’t, you can do a lot of research online. 

Glassdoor is among the sites at which employees can rate and provide feedback on their company. Just remember that people with grudges are more likely to offer comments than those who are happy. 

Employment counselors might also offer insights. 

If you are graduating from a school that has a career center, take advantage of their services. They will often help recent graduates too. 

Among the things you will want to try to find out about a company:

Does the company share your values?

What benefits does the firm offer its workers?

What can you learn about the firm by reading newspaper articles about the firm?

What has been written about the company’s leadership? 

If you considering a new career, there are things you will also want to know:

Is there a demand for workers in the field?

Will you need to move to work in that career?

Are there any trends that could impact the field in the future?

What skills or experience to be considered?

What do people in this field earn?

Students should take advantage of internships to get an insider’s view of the work you might want to do. 

Suppose you are out of school and looking for a new position, you might want to talk to the Human Resources department of the firm you might like to work at. See if someone there might give you a tour and speak with you about future career opportunities. 

During my career, I received several calls from individuals who wanted to meet with me to learn more about our organization. Unless I were swamped, I’d take their call and share what I could. People did that for me when I was exploring careers, so I wanted to help others by paying it forward.  Plus, I always saw it as an investment of time that could result in finding future employees.  In one case, I met with a woman who had just graduated with a degree in a field she wasn’t sure was something she wanted to pursue. She interned for us and went back to school to gain additional skills. We eventually hired her, and years later, she became one of our managers. I’m so glad I invested the time. 

Now don’t expect the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to stop what they are doing with you, which is why I suggest contacting the HR department or corporate recruiters. Tell them that you’ve been impressed with the company and would like to schedule a ten-minute phone call with someone to talk about the firm. Never ask for an hour as no one wants to surrender that might time to a cold call. Some might be able to spend ten minutes with you right away, so be prepared. If you hit it off with the person on the other end, consider asking for a tour. And if they don’t want to help, don’t be discouraged, just move on to the next firm on your list. 

Whenever you talk with someone from a company, whether in person or on the phone, make sure you leave a good impression. Be polite and considerate. Consider it as an unofficial interview that could eventually lead to a job if they like you. 

Without doing your homework, you will be taking a risk when you move to a new job or career. 

If you are thinking about looking for a new job, I have developed a strategy to make your application stand out from the others. It involves marketing yourself correctly and handling every step of the hiring process with confidence. I’m sharing this information as part of my online course, “Getting The Job You Want.” I know it has helped others, now the course can help you. Check it out.

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