Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Find A New Job?

Most of the people I know who were contemplating a job or career change before the Coronavirus pandemic have spent recent months hunkering down and hoping they wouldn’t be laid off. And for some, that made sense. It’s always good that you look for your next job from a position of strength when you aren’t worried about your next paycheck. 

Deciding whether you are ready to look for a new job is usually based on several factors. 

Most people who change jobs do so because they want advancement in their careers. 

Other reasons include a dissatisfaction with senior management, your job duties, and corporate culture.   Pay and benefits are at the bottom of the list. 

As you consider whether it’s time to move on, take note of whether you are growing or coasting. Are you satisfied with what you are doing now, and will you be five years from now?

Do you feel like you are fully utilizing your strengths to their fullest?  Is there another kind of job that better suits what you are trained for or pique your interest?

When you get up in the morning, do you have the same drive and enthusiasm for your job you once did?

Do you feel valued by your current employer?

Do you find that your company’s goals and vision align with yours?

When you are with friends or families, do you find yourself complaining about your job?

Are you experiencing physical symptoms such as not being able to sleep or frequent headaches?

Did your last raise make you happy, or did it do nothing to give you more satisfaction?

In addition to evaluating your current situation, you might want to consider taking a vacation. You might find that the daily grind has worn you down, and a little separation will help you appreciate your current position. Or at least, it might help you think more clearly. 

At the end of your soul-searching process, you might decide that you should remain in your current job.  There’s nothing wrong with that. 

If you do your analysis and are convinced that it is time to move on, take the necessary steps to develop a strategy to find the right position. You might need to work with an executive coach who can help you navigate the process. They can also help you understand what opportunities exist. If you have been with your current organization for a long time, you may need help understanding what opportunities exist in similar fields. 

My online course “Getting The Job You Want” will help you get prepared for your job hunt.  In the six-module course you will learn how to develop a strategy for greater success.  Learn more HERE.

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