Things You Will Need To Know To Be a Public Media Manager

Are you frustrated because you’d like to become a public media manager, but don’t feel like you have ever been trained?    Have you applied for jobs and been told that you don’t have the knowledge to manage a station or a department?

That’s why I wrote THE PUBLIC MEDIA MANAGER’S HANDBOOK.  It is designed to help the next generation of managers.

Among the many things covered in the book:

  • Keeping Your Boss / Licensee Happy
  • Successful Organizational Structures of A Station
  • Serving the Community
  • Becoming More Than A Manager – Being A Leader
  • Strategic Planning
  • Delegation
  • Finding A Management Style That Works For You

Order a copy NOW and you will receive these special bonuses:

  • a FREE 30-minute private consultation about any challenge or problem you are facing.
  • My e-book, “Managing Through and Out of the Pandemic”

This is a limited time offer.

Order HERE

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