I Wasn’t Ready To Be A Manager….I Just Didn’t Tell Anyone

When I became a manager of a public radio station, my deep-down secret was that I didn’t know what that entailed.  I barely knew how to manage a small staff much less an entire staff.  I faked it.

Are you in that position?  (Shhh…I won’t tell).

Or are you someone who wants to become a manager but are unsure of what you will face?

That’s why I wrote the PUBLIC MEDIA MANAGER’S HANDBOOK.  I want to help new managers and aspiring managers be better prepared for the tasks ahead.  It deals with everything from FCC regulations, to the role of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting as well as practical managerial advice.

It’s a perfect holiday gift to yourself, or someone you know.

As we approach the holiday season, I am making a special offer to my readers.  If you purchase a copy of the handbook and send me your receipt you will be entitled to a FREE 30 minute private consultation with me about any subject that interests you or a problem you are dealing with.  In addition, I will send you a free copy of my e-book “Managing Through and Out of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Order it NOW to take advantage of this special holiday offer.

Among the topics covered in the handbook:

  • Keeping Your Boss / Licensee Happy
  • Successful Organizational Structures of A Station
  • Serving The Community
  • Becoming More Than A Manager – Being A Leader
  • Strategic Planning
  • Delegation
  • Finding A Management Style That Works For You

The book is designed for new and new-ish public media managers who are looking for assistance on how to be more effective.
It is also designed for those individuals who would like to be a successful manager in public media.

Order it NOW to take advantage of this special holiday offer.

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