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Leading Your Way Out Of The Pandemic

In December of last year most of us had not heard of the Coronavirus. Doctors wore masks during surgery. But by March our world changed. Leaders and organizations had to change the way they did business. Organizations needed to develop plans for how workers could continue to be employed from home. Everyone learned how to teleconference. Managers had to learn how to manage remotely.

We still are not out of the woods yet. A vaccine is some time away. And, the challenges our organizations face are still present.

I wrote a FREE e-book, “Leading Your Way Through and Out of the Coronavirus” to help you plan for the future. It contains sections on what leadership means during these difficult times, managing a remote team, the challenges nonprofits face with fundraising and how to figure out what a ‘new normal’ might be like.

Request your FREE copy here. I hope it helps you and your organization in the weeks and months ahead.

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