Looking For A Job During The Pandemic

If you are a recent graduate, have been laid off, or have simply decided that you can no longer tolerate your current job, you may worry that you won’t be successful because of the Coronavirus.  

That’s not true. But it may require more patience and focus.  

Rebecca Binder, senior managing director at RF|Binder, a strategic communications and consulting firm, told Forbes magazines that stores like Walmart and merchants like Amazon are looking to hire thousands of people. Additionally, medical supply manufacturers are seeing demand for their products soar and are recruiting workers.”  

Some fields will hire at a faster pace than others. 

So, let’s say you have higher career aspirations than Walmart.

Keep in mind that the basics of a search have not changed. You want to make sure that your resume has been updated and that you tailor every cover letter to a specific job and organization. Use that letter to sell yourself as the solution to a problem.  

Hopefully, you have built a network of contacts. Reach out to them. Some of the best jobs are never advertised. You stand a better chance of getting a job if you have someone to recommend you. That’s particularly helpful if your advocate already works for the firm that is hiring.  

Recruiters are rebuilding contacts with employees searching for new positions. Reach out to them.  

Some companies that stopped hiring at the beginning of the virus may now be looking to reopen their recruitments. So, if you sent in an application for a job months ago and never got a response, it might be a good idea to contact them again.  

If you get an interview, it will likely occur remotely. Be sure you know how to use teleconferencing technology.  

While looking for a job, consider broadening your skills. Temporary or freelance jobs might be for an opportunity to expand your network plus provide some pay. It is possible that such an opportunity could lead to a full-time position if you have proven your worth.  

If you have graduated recently from a college or high school, consider using their placement services. Often companies reach out to educational institutions when they have openings.  

If you’ve been laid off and don’t see much future in that industry, it may be time to consider other fields. Some companies have adapted better than others to the downturn in the economy. Tech companies, for example, didn’t lose much of a step when workers had to work from home. And we’ve seen increasing demand for home health care and medical services.  

No matter how much time it takes, or how many obstacles that are placed before you, don’t give up. You are not alone. Sooner or later, it will be your turn to celebrate your new job.  

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