Is It Time To Look For A New Job?

Are you planning to look for a new job but are concerned about your chances during these difficult economic times?  Are you stuck in a job or career that no longer inspires you? It’s time to take a step forward.

Since I launched my executive coaching and consulting service, a significant portion of my conversations have been with individuals who want to start their search. 

I’m proud that I’ve helped many prepare for the job hunt. I’ve put into practice what I’ve learned from 30+ years in management, hiring hundreds of individuals, and reviewing thousands of applications. 

I know what it will take for your application to stand out from all of the rest. 

And that’s the basis for my new online video course, “Getting The Job You Want. 

Don’t just write a cover letter and resume and send them out to any job opening that you find. 

The six-module course is nearly one and a half hours focusing on such key areas such as:

  • Module 1 – Completing A Self Evaluation of your skills and your career path.
  • Module 2 – Customizing your resume and cover letter
  • Module 2 – Customizing your resume and cover letter
  • Module 3 – How to be successful in your job interviews
  • Module 4 – What you need to focus on after the interviews are over
  • Module 5 – We will look at outcomes, including how to negotiate your new salary.
  • Module 6 – Next steps you need to take once you get a new job
  • Plus, Module 7 is full of bonuses. Most recently, we have added content related to how the hiring process has changed since the early days of Covid-19. Most materials will be added in the future.
  • Also included is a 57-page companion coursebook.

Don’t search for a job without a strategy.

Sign up for “Getting The Job You Want” and have an advantage over everyone else. 

If you click HERE and SIGN UP TODAY, you will qualify for the lowest price available. 

Some clients have told me that my section on preparing for the questions you might be asked during an interview is the most valuable aspect of my program. That’s in module three. After taking this course, I will give you a special deal on a one-on-one practice session.

But if you don’t take the course, your application might be one of many that are kicked out of the hiring process by a computer that reviews resumes before any human being sees them. I tell you how the system works and how you can tailor your materials to get passed the algorithm.

Getting The Job, You Want is more than a title; it is what I want help you do. 

Sign up NOW and then get started at finding the job you DESERVE. 

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