How Technology Can Help Complete Your Tasks

Some people are happy with little slips of post-it notes or paper to keep track of all of the things that need to get done. But the beauty of digital online systems is that your list is with you wherever you have access to a computer or a smartphone. That means if you are in a situation where you have a few moments where you could be productive, you can check your list. If your paper list is back in your office, you might miss the opportunity to make a quick phone call or complete something else on your task list. 

While some people say they prefer the feeling of paper or love crossing off a completed task, there are other advantages to a digital system. (By the way, some digital systems simulate the feeling of crossing off an item, to give you that feeling of satisfaction of completion). 

There are a myriad of digital systems worth trying. In doing your evaluation, here are some things you want to consider. 

Ease of Use

You want to feel comfortable with the way the app looks and that it is easy to navigate. You should be able to add new items quickly.  You should be able to see your list and sort it by priority or several other ways. 

Organize Tasks

Because some people sort tasks by priority or resources need to complete. This might include due dates, tags, or projects. The user should be able to classify each item according to those classifications as they are inputted. 

Set Deadlines

Look for apps that not only allow you to set a deadline but will also send you reminders either within the app or via email. This is especially helpful for procrastinators. 

Instant Sync 

Digital task lists only make sense if they are automatically updated and available on multiple devices. 

Here are a few of the more popular apps that you might want to consider: 


One of the strengths of this app is that it is easy to categorize your tasks. The downside is it is only available on the Apple platform. You are out of luck if you are a Microsoft fan. 


This is one of the most popular task managers. It’s pretty simple to use and not bloated with features. 


If your life is fully integrated with Microsoft products, this might be the app for you. It allows you to now integrate Outlook with mobile technology. It appears to be simple to use. 


I’ve used Nirvana for many years, and I’ve never been disappointed. The free version is somewhat limited, but the professional version has all of the features I need without feature bloat. It does have its downside. It is not as flexible as some of its competitors, and it has not seen any significant upgrades in recent years.


if you are a fan of the Getting Things Done methodology, this app might be for you. It is set up to use the GTD approach with its various ways of tagging and sorting items. Unfortunately, the sync function only works with Apple.  


This is another app based on GTD.  There is no free version of this program, but it prides itself on how tasks can be sorted into different projects. The program can be used in a collaborative environment. While I’ve not used Nozbe, friends have told me that it can be complicated to set up, but they all love it once they begin to use it. 

If your paper and pencil to-do list has left you wanting more, you should check out these and other apps. One caution is that before you fully invest in one system and move all of your items, take it for a test drive on a limited basis. It is time-consuming to move all of your tasks from app to app, so do your homework before making the big move.

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