Are Your Employees Engaged or Just Going Through The Motions?

Here are some sobering facts:

The American Medical Association says that employees who show up at work but are not fully productive cost companies $150 billion a year. 

A 2018 Gallup survey reports that only 15 percent of workers say that they are engaged while at work. 

If that’s how people evaluate their willingness to put forward their full energy, leaders have to consider what they can do to get the best work from their employees. 

Leaders Need To Be Engaged

Being a good role model is key, as workers want to see their boss working just as productive as they are expected to be. Your enthusiasm will go a long way. Smile. 

Share Details

If you want to see your workers excited about their work, make sure they understand why their contributions are important to the bigger picture. 

Talk To People

Sometimes you hear managers say that they have an open-door policy. If you want engaged workers, don’t make them come to you. Take an interest in them and their work. 

Show Your Appreciation

Notice the little things that people do   Praise them. Let them know you appreciate what they do. 

Give Them Growth Opportunities

People will give you greater effort if you are willing to provide them with educational opportunities and training that allows them to grow professionally.  New knowledge is a great motivator. 

Support Their Decisions

When faced with new or difficult situations, let your workers try new solutions. Very few problems have just one solution. Your support and trust will be a tremendous motivating source. 

When your workers wake up in the morning and know what is expected of them and why it is important, and their efforts are appreciated, they will no longer be part of that Gallup poll statistic. And, you will have proven again why you are a leader. 

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