Why I Don’t Like Text Messages

We are all looking for ways to work more efficiently. Before email, people used to actually call me! Sometimes I hated the interruption, so I had to learn to let calls go to voicemail when I was working on a big project. When emails became the conventional way of communicating, my phone went silent, and I had to learn only to check my inbox several times a day, or I’d be continually distracted. Some of you may remember that nagging little sounder: “You’ve got mail.” But now some people prefer to text rather than email or call.

I have found that texting is counterproductive to my workplace efficiency.

It’s not that I worry about my workflow because I can mute my phone for texts just as quickly as I can postpone looking at my email. But once you email me, I can’t do much with your message. If I have to research your question, it is difficult for me to forward your request to my task manager. As a result it is very easy to forget the message. That is especially true if I look at your message while I am away from my office. If we want to set up a meeting, I can’t easily forward that request to the administrative assistant that handles my calendar.

Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

I have set up a short cut.

If you want a non-automated process, you can create a text shortcut. On your iPhone, go to
Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Now create your message.
You can use something like: “I’m not able to check and respond to text messages, please email me at ……. and I will get back to you. “Then type in a shortcut that is easy to remember like “.away.” Now when you receive a test, you type the shortcut, and the person will receive your message. This gives you the option of responding or rejecting.

If you want to have all texters receive the message, try this:
Go to Settings
Scroll down for Do Not Disturb
Tap on Auto-Reply
Fill out the vacation text message you want.
Select the recipient list to All Contacts.
Now type in your message.

Do I ever respond to a text? Of course. I will respond to family and friends or colleagues who need a quick response. But I am more likely to use my shortcut approach when I want to devote more time to respond.

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