“The Vision Driven Leader"

When I grow up, I want to be a leader like Michael Hyatt.  OK, I am more than grown-up, but I keep reading Hyatt’s books because he has great advice for leadership at any level.  His latest book provides practical advice on how to develop a vision that will move you and your organization forward. So many individuals want to be leaders but are stuck in the manager-zone.  Hyatt has a clear and concise approach to formulating a vision so that others will buy-in.  I also found it particularly interesting to read examples for how companies need to pivot or adapt their vision to changing circumstances.

The actual title of the book is “THE VISION DRIVEN LEADER: 10 Questions to Focus Your Efforts, Energize Your Team, and Scale Your Business“. And, as the title suggests, Hyatt sets up ten simple questions that will make a difference in the way you approach working with your team.

He believes that ‘having a clear, compelling vision, and getting buy-in from your team – is essential to effective leadership. Hyatt maintains that organizations don’t need to have a vision statement, they need a ‘vision script’ that will guide multiple levels of an organization’s work.  I’m a fan of Hyatt’s writings, and found this book to be a game changer

In this video, Hyatt explains that there is a “temptation with vision is to focus on the HOW instead of WHAT. But vision is about what the future looks like… not how you get there.”

The book will be released at the end of March.  I was fortunate to read an advance copy.  You can preorder today so you can begin reading it as soon as possible. I know you won’t regret it.

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