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A Conversation with David Allen

Today on Leadership Plus, I interview David Allen about his journey developing GTD ( Getting Things Done ), his creative pursuits, and what he’s working on at present. Hopefully, in the future, we will get a chance to talk more about productivity, but I thought that this was a great introduction to the genius of one of the top productivity gurus of our time.

Fundraising Tips for Managers of Nonprofits

On this edition of LEADERSHIP PLUS, we explore the role of the non-profit’s executive director as a fundraiser. There is an old adage that people give money to people they like. Yes, they want to support the good work of an organization, but if they are not comfortable with the leaders and the vision of the group, they are less likely to make a major gift.

We Need More Public Media Managers – But How Do You Get The Chance?

It’s not unusual for new managers in public media to feel a bit overwhelmed. But as I learned in over 30 years as a public radio manager, it can be exciting and give you a feeling that you are doing something to help your community. It can also be complex and challenging.